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The impact of Digital Health on Quadruple Aim

The Quadruple Aim model developed by the Institute for Healthcare adds improving the experience of healthcare providers to the former triple aim model. The model endorses the idea that achieving the maximum potential of the three domains is only possible if we also improve the experience of Health workers.

Improve patient experience

Patient experience is central to the development of the Healthcare Continuum. Previously transformed industries such as finance, retail and media have fully focused on increasing productivity, efficiency and the consumer experience to develop differentiation and increased customer loyalty. This domain is also developing rapidly within the healthcare sector and is primarily driven by the health worker.




Improve health Professional experience

The Electronic Patient and Client records, supported standardization of work processes and conversion from analog to digital.

But, there is progress to be made in the user-friendliness as well as improving the primary process. Data often has to be captured multiple times.  Connectivity between applications is missing. Therefore a health professional spends 40% of the time on administration.

Free up capacity to spend more time with patients and less on the key board.

Improve care outcomes

Digital Health can increase healthcare outcomes. Both at patient level and at population level.

Personalized care

With personalized care, the patient has a choice and control over the organization and implementation of care. The starting point is the patient's needs.

Population Health Management

With Population Health Management we integrate data from multiple sources, real time, to help subpopulations. 

Reduce healthcare costs

In the short term, the greatest gains can be made by optimizing care processes. To do this, we need to connect islands of IT, capture information once and make the interface of the technology better match the way of working. Moreover, process innovation is a critical success factor to right allocate resources along the healthcare continuum. 

All three phases of digital transformation contribute to innovate healthcare costs. 

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