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Our story

Connecting with Omnify

Omnify is the combination of Omni (everything) and Unify (connect). Omnify shapes the Health Ecosystem.

Omnify is a consultancy firm for healthcare organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), development banks, donors and governments.

We supervise the development and implementation of the Digital Health strategy and roadmap. Quadruple Aim is our compass. Digital Health solutions are created on the basis of Industrialization 4.0. Omnify supports the development of health consumer oriented and healthcare provider driven Digital Health Ecosystems.

Mark Koers

Passionate about taking Healthcare to a new level, accessible and affordable. I believe that the deployment of Digital Health will make an important contribution to this.

I use my knowledge about the Healthcare industry, the ecosystem and Digital Health to advise healthcare providers, NGOs, development banks, donors and governments about the digital transformation of healthcare. My background in Economics, Omnichannel and Consumers allows improving patient-oriented thinking and working within healthcare. I have passion and experience in organizing and developing ecosystems.

As a healthcare consultant I have worked with Boards of Directors, Strategic Advisors, CxIOs, Management, Medical Staff and Research. Among other things, about the development of the Business, Operating and Technological model.

I closely follow the development from volume to value- and outcome-driven allowing an outside-in perspective.

I get energy when choices are made and results are achieved. Practical realization of Digital Transformation in healthcare is my credo and forms the heart of Omnify.

Our values

Our values ​​are inspired by the vision of a world in which care is accessible and affordable for everyone . This can be achieved by having all parties working together in a health consumer oriented way.

Health consumer oriented & health worker driven

  • The interest of the healthcare consumer comes first
  • Access to care is a fundamental right
  • Independent in advice and execution

Commitment & Integrity

  • Respecting agreements
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Keep learning and developing
  • Transparent and result driven


  • We work with knowledge experts to increase our impact
  • We all share our core values