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Digital Health Strategy

Many Digital Health initiatives are taking place. In order to scale up it is imperative to anchor Digital Health Solutions within the care process. Placing ownership and responsibility where activity is taking place. 

The Digital Health Strategy connects health consumer and health professional.


Digital Health Assessment

To measure the level of Digital Health, Omnify has developed the Omnify Digital Health Assessment. This assessment provides a systematic base for:

  1. Baseline the current level of Digital Health on a human, process, technology and organizational level.
  2. Sett realistic goals and follow a clear growth path towards the next level.
  3. Inform on the progress of development and improve.

The insights allow for a stepwise pathway towards maturity.


Multiyear roadmap based on the outcomes of the Strategy and Maturity Assessment. The roadmap takes into consideration the pace in which the organization can change. Rather than a technological driven approach the roadmap focuses on achieving the desired Quadruple Aim outcomes.

The roadmap clearly distinguish hype from reality and takes into consideration the risk appetite of the organization making it both realistic and achievable.

Process Consultation

Process consultation is the leaver to achieve value creation. 

Digital Health focusses on the demand side and is health professional driven placing the health consumer in the center of the process. In order to extract value from Industrialization 4.0 collaboration is crucial. The power of eHealth can become a pitfall when the emphasis is placed on technology.

The integral approach is the most important critical success factor to anchor Digital Health successfully in the primary process. Therefore, Omnify uses process consultation to collect the shared vision of all stakholders and unlock knowledge and information. To connect in essential collaboration. This approach is intertwined with the Omnify value model and Digital Health Toolkit. 


Discover the horizons, find common ground and start moving with multidisciplinary teams. 

Workshops where change management is key to unite, connect and collaborate. During the intake the goals, expectations and composition of the group is being established. A low entry threshold and pragmatic approach.

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