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Discover the patient and healthworker and develop the collaboration


Measured knowledge and insights via the Omnify Digital Health Assesment


Placed in the center of the business, the Digital Health vision, strategy and roadmap


Realize the widely accepted strategy and deploy the roadmap

Digital Transformation & Digital Health

The deployment of Digital Health within the healthcare continuum based on digital transformation.

Phase 1
Developing the Digital Health Strategy. Converting analog or physical information and consolidating legacy systems. Optimization of the Electronic patient/client record, integration and increasing interoperability. Introducing Digital Health solutions.

Phase 2
Focus on increasing productivity through process innovations. This is about connecting the islands of IT and the many disciplines by working smarter and innovating care paths, using Digital Health platforms and data, improving patient experience and enabling collaboration with all parties. A start is made with Real Time Health System (RTHS) so that care providers and care organizations work together within the patient-oriented care continuum.

Phase 3
The organization and care providers work with a value and outcomes-driven care model and an optimal balance between physical and digital care. Scaling up the transformation of the Digital Health ecosystem. The maturity of the RTHS is further increased. Ultimately, a continuous learning care network is created.

Phased approach

Gain insight into the relevant Digital Health technologies. Need for developing a clear 5 year roadmap? Then use our phased approach.


The Business model determines how the organization creates value, who the patients are and how the finances are arranged. In this phase, Omnify analyzes the model. Whatare the strengths and weaknesses, and which developments influence the model? By mapping the most important Digital Health trends and developments on the business model, a common starting point is created.


Understanding the Business model in relation to patients and discover opportunities for value creation with the use of Digital Health for patients and healthcare staff.


Business and Digital Health scenarios are drawn up with specific consideration towards electronic healthcare record scenario planning. Objectives are determined on the basis of the ambition and the critical success factors identified to achieve value creation.

An important part is the Omnify Digital Health Assessment. For more information about the assessment click here. The results form the basis of the Digital Health strategy and roadmap.


Define the scope of the Digital Health strategy, gain insight into feasibility including a extensive GAP assessment.

To develop

We quickly gain insight from the key stakeholders via the Digital Health workshops and interviews. Together we work on broad acceptance of key principles, metrics and decision-making. Parallel to the development of the Digital Health Strategy, we will continue to work on increasing the obtained support. All input will be mapped onto the outcomes of the  Omnify Digital Health Assesment. This forms the basis of the Digital Health Strategy.


Digital Health Strategy

One Pager


Challenges & Insights



Developing the core message & communication strategy.

Monitor & tuning

Continuous monitoring of progress, specifically on value creation and adjustment. Recording and propagating success and setting up communication flows within the organization so that Digital Health becomes a lively collaboration across all layers and continues to develop on the basis of internal and external developments.

Omnify Digital Health Assessment

Annually repeating the assessment and use the outcomes to adapt. Remain focused on outcomes.