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Comprehensive training courses to become a digital health coach.

Training Course

Digital Transformation and Digital Health

Training Course Digital Transformation and Digital Health

Leverage and scale up digital transformation for better health and align digital technology investments with health needs, while fully respecting the values of equity, solidarity, and human rights.
Empower individuals and health workers through digital health to make informed choices that benefit the health and well-being of patients, their families, and their communities.
Free up care capacity to improve the experiences of health workers and healthcare consumers. To future-proof care and to balance supply and demands needs. Thus, we don´t need to reduce the coverage of care.

Digital Transformation and digital health are essential building blocks of an integrated approach enabling person centred care.



Incorporate this course with daily activities 

Follow the course online. Meet new people and learn together.

30 hours to complete


The fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) is in process and also transforming health & social care. Digital transformation accelerates by maturing technologies (e.g., AI, Robotics, sensors) and platforms and triggers (new) digital health solutions for the Health 4.0 domain and digital health ecosystem. Digital Transformation of Health & Social Care and Public Health Systems has proven potential to enhance health outcomes by improved diagnosis, prevention, informed decisions, digital trials, self-management, and evidence-based knowledge. Digital Transformation is foundational to turn around health systems embarking on a restorative sustainable journey, free up and right allocate capacity

Digital health [1]: The field of knowledge and practice associated with the development and use of digital technologies to improve health. Digital health expands the concept of eHealth to include digital consumers, with a wider range of smart-devices and connected equipment. It also encompasses other uses of digital technologies for health such as the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data, and robotics.

[1] WHO. Global Strategy on Digital Health. 

An integrated approach is required to harness the potential of digital transformation and digital health. Effective capacity building connects the organization, people, and tools to realize this potential and to overcome the biggest (New Tech) pitfalls. Thus, the wellbeing of the workforce will be improved.

The training has relevance for Health & Social care organisations, NGO’s, governmental bodies, umbrella organizations representing health workers and patients, students, Health Wellbeing and Life Sciences companies, MedTech, and ICT-vendors. The training includes most relevant, up-to-date content and best practices.

The training includes most relevant, up-to-date content and best practices.


  • Develop a holistic approach of Digital Transformation and Digital Health
  • Gain an accurate and deep understanding of digital transformation in health & social care. Develop insights to map and execute digital transformation strategies
  • Gain understanding of systemic capacity strengthening. Develop a business case approach for transformation. Identify the potential to free up capacity, lower costs and improve quality. Do more with less.
  • Learn to develop the end game, build the roadmap and a stepwise approach
  • Differentiate between Hype and Reality and choose the differentiating scalable Digital Health Solutions
  • Develop the Digital Health Domain Architecture and a digital front door.
  • Develop to structure the enabling environment, build partnerships, and orchestrate the digital health ecosystem


Module 1

Digital Health & Digital Transformation

10 hours to complete

6 hours workshop + 4 hours study

November – December 2022 

May – June 2023

What you will learn in this module:

Introduction to Digital Health.

Digital Health versus e-health.

Programmatic approach to map a digital transformation strategy.

The 3 phases of digital transformation in Health & Social Care.

Developments and trends in emergent digital solutions.

Overview scalable and sustainable person-centric Digital Health Solutions for disease prevention and management.


Module 2

Value Model & Systemic Capacity Strengthening

10 hours to complete

6 hours workshop + 4 hours study

January – February 2023

July – August 2023

What you will learn in this module:

How to conduct horizon-scanning and landscape analysis.

How to prepare process consultations basis for an interactive approach.

How to develop a health & social care value model and to map this to the Quadruple Aim.

Foundations of capacity strengthening.

How to develop a business case for Digital Transformation and Digital Health on basis of the value model.

How to re-allocate capacity.


Module 3

Map and execute the Digital Health Strategy

10 hours to complete

6 hours workshop + 4 hours study

March – April 2023

September – October 2023

What you will learn in this module:

Develop the building blocks for the Digital Health Strategy.

Design the Digital Health ecosystem, identify and engage with key partners leveraging (regional) networks to foster digital health implementation.


November 2022 

Program Digital Transformation & Digital Health € 2950,- excl. VAT.
Pricing on the website are subject to change. 

You will receive a course completion certificate.  

This course uses Zoom. We advice installing the Zoom software on your desktop.

Registrations are open for limited time between the 1ste of August and 1 Oktober 2022 on the first-come first-served basis. We will review each individual submission and get in touch if we have any questions. 




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